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What is the .OXPS file type?

The .oxps filename extension is used in association with the newer OpenXPS (Open XML Paper Specification) document format and the respective file type. OpenXPS was developed by Microsoft (MS) to replace the legacy MS XPS format (.xps). Since 2006, OpenXPS is an Ecma International standard (ECMA-388).

OpenXPS is an XML-based document format, similar to PDF and PostScript in its goal to provide a standard way to create and share portable, device- and resolution-independent documents while preserving their original layout. OXPS documents can embed vector and bitmap graphics and can be sent directly to printers with native XPS support.

OXPS documents can be natively opened, viewed and processed with the Windows 8 XPS Viewer tool only. OXPS and XPS files are not compatible, and XPS viewers in Windows XP/Vista/7 cannot directly open .oxps files. However, .oxps files can be converted into .xps with the free MS OXPS to XPS Converter Tool.

Although implicitly positioned as a Windows-only format, OpenXPS is supported by several independent applications on Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and Android.

Software to open or convert OXPS files

You can open OXPS files with the following programs:
Hamster PDF Reader
Hamster PDF Reader by HamsterSoft
PDF Reader
PDF Reader by PDF Reader
GSview by Artifex Software Inc.

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