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What is the .RDB file type?

The filename extension .rdb belongs to the Retrospect Disk Backup Set (.rdb) file type, with reference to Restrospect, a powerful comprehensive data backup solution for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X from Retrospect, Inc. Retrospect allows to create complete snapshots of all kinds of media, including hard disks, NAS, CD/DVD, etc. and uses its own RDB file format for saving the backed-up data. A single .rdb file represents a part of a disk backup set created by Retrospect. The entire backup set represents a directory that contains multiple .rdb files, arranged as an ordered sequence by assigning each file an indexed filename like "AA000001.rdb" and so on. Each .rdb file typically has the size of around 600 MB. Restospect backup sets (.rdb) can be restored using Retrospect's Restore feature.

In the Act! family of commercial Customer Relations Management (CRM) solutions by Swiftpage (formerly, SAGE ACT!), the .rdb extension is associated with the Act! Remote Database (.rdb) file type. Act! uses remote database (.rdb) files to connect to databases hosted remotely and allow bidirectional synchronization of data. An .rdb file is created automatically for each remote database, for which synchronization is being set up using the Remote Synchronization Assistant in Act!. It is a large binary file stored in an arbitrary location and used for data synchronization purposes. It can be restored to a regular Act! database (.pad, .alf, .adf).

The .rdb extension is also known thanks to its association with the Redis Database (.rdb) file type. Redis (Remote Dictionary Server) is a high-performance open-source caching system built as a key-value database; it is mainly used on web servers to speed up data access. The .rdb file is a dump of a Redis in-memory data storage saved to disk using the RDB format optimized for high-speed reading and writing. Usually referred to as persistence snapshots, such RDB dumps can be restored, parsed, and analyzed using a range of Redis-specific tools.

Another file type denoted by the .rdb extension is the Nintendo 64 ROM Database (.rdb) file type, represented chiefly by the "Project64.rdb" file. This .rdb file is a binary database that collects aggregated data about Nintendo 64 (N64) ROM images, making them usable or compatible with the Project64 N64 emulator. The "Project64.rdb" file is required to run Project 64.

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