UIF File Extension

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What is the .UIF file type?

The filename extension .uif stands for the Universal Image Format (UIF) and denotes the UIF Disk Image (.uif) file type. UIF is a proprietary file format developed by MagicISO Inc. for their commercial CD/DVD image-creation and burning tool MagicISO (version 5.3 and later). UIF is suited for multi-session disks and supports data compression and security measures such as password protection and encryption.

A .uif file is a local copy of a CD/DVD disk saved in the UIF format. It is a large binary file thats holds the disk's data which may or may not be password-protected and/or encrypted. Thanks to compression, an UIF image takes up a smaller disk space than its ISO counterpart. As a private format, UIF is not directly supported by other CD/DVD authoring or image-manipulation software, requiring the use of MagicISO.

With MagicISO, compressed UIF images can be burnt onto optical media, directly mounted on a virtual drive, or converted into the standard ISO format. The UIF-to-ISO conversion can also be performed by third-party tools (e.g., UIF2ISO).

Software to open or convert UIF files

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