JNT File Extension

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What is the .JNT file type?

The .jnt filename extension represents the Microsoft Ink Journal Document (JNT) file format and type. Part of the Microsoft Ink framework, Windows Journal is an application for taking handwritten notes, primarily targeted at MS Windows-driven tablet devices. Windows Journal allows to insert typed text, images, mark different sections with flags, and OCR-convert handwriting into searchable text.

A .jnt file is a Windows Journal note, containing handwritten and/or typed portions, images, and content flags—all packaged into a binary container. JNT is a propietary format by Microsoft, and as the JNT format specification has not been released, .jnt files cannot be opened or written by any means, except Windows Journal. However, Windows Journal allows to export JNT notes as standard TIFF images and MHT web archives, readable across different platforms and OS'es.

On systems with Windows Journal installed by default (Windows XP tablet, Vista Premium and newer), the JNT file type is pre-associated with the application. Apart from Windows Journal, JNT files can be viewed with the free Windows Journal Viewer tool, available from Microsoft.

Software to open or convert JNT files

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