WPD File Extension

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What is the .WPD file type?

The .wpd filename extension belongs to the WordPerfect Document (WPD) file format, and the .wpd file type associated with it. WordPerfect is one of the oldest and most renowned text- and word-processing applications, now part of the WordPerfect Office suite by Corel. WordPerfect Office is a general-purpose English-language package of office applications for Microsoft Windows, popular in legal professional circles.

WPD is a proprietary binary format used by WordPerfect to store its word-processing documents, with rich formatting, embedded objects, metadata, etc. WPD is not directly compatible with any other popular office format family, although supported by third-party office applications.

A .wpd file is a word-processing document file generated by WordPerfect, or a WPD-compatible application. Besides the native support in WordPerfect Office, WordPerfect documents (.wpd) can be opened/imported in several other office suites, both commercial and open-source.

Alternatively, the .wpd extension can also be encountered with reference to the older Act! Word Processor Document (WPD) file type/format. With Act! (previously, Sage ACT!)—a well-established CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software suite by Swiftpage (previously, Sage)—WPD has been long replaced by the WPA (.wpa) file type/format.

Software to open or convert WPD files

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