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What is the .JPT file type?

The .jpt filename extension belongs to the JPEG 2000 Bitmap Image (.jp2, .j2k, .jpt, etc.) file type and the JPEG 2000 file format. JPEG 2000 is a bitmap image coding system developed by the Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) and adopted as a series of ISO/ITU standards. Poised as a JPEG replacement, JPEG 2000 uses wavelet-based compression (lossy or lossless) with higher compression ratios and generally outperforms JPEG. While the standard extension for JPEG 2000 images is .jp2, several other extensions, including .jpt, are also used.

The .jpt file is a compressed JPEG 2000 image saved as a JPT codestream, with JPT standing for JPIP Tile-part. JPIP (JPEG 2000 Interactive Protocol) is a standard JPEG 2000 image streaming protocol, aiming to maximize the bandwidth efficiency and provide fast access to imaging data. JPT is one of the two standard streaming modes (the other one is JPP, JPIP Precinct). JPT-codestream files (.jpt) can be opened and processed by several JPEG 2000 implementations such as OpenJPEG and others as well as a number of image viewers, converters, graphics editors, and other software.

In web design, the .jpt filename extension is assigned to HTML document fragments generated on the client-side from JPT (Javascript Processor of Templates) templates. The .jpt file is a regular text file that contains HTML markup. The JPT fragments technology is used, in particular, by The Washington Post web portal.

Software to open or convert JPT files

You can open JPT files with the following programs:
Photo Pos Pro
Photo Pos Pro by PowerOfSoftware Ltd.
Chasys Draw IES
Chasys Draw IES by John Paul Chacha's Lab
Label Flow
Label Flow by Jolly Technologies
ID Flow Trial
ID Flow Trial by Jolly Technologies

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