PK File Extension

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What is the .PK file type?

The primary association of the .pk filename extension is with the Peak File (PK) format and file type used by Adobe Audition (former CoolEdit Pro), an advanced commercial waveform audio processing suite by Adobe Systems, Inc.

PK files are binary files used to store waveform peak data for visual representation of an audio track. PK files are created automatically by the editing software the first time an audio track is used, and are accessed during editing/use of that track to quickly draw the track's waveform visually.

Peak data files (like .pk) are used in many waveform editors. PK files do not contain any actual audio data, they only serve as a 'shortcut' for the editing software.

Any .pk files may be safely deleted as they will be re-created automatically. As .pk files tend to pile up possibly posing a performance issue, a periodic cleanup may be advised.

The .pk extension is also associated with the Bitmap Font format in LaTeX, a powerful cross-platform document preparation language and framework and extension of TeX. LaTeX PK files contain mapped pre-defined bitmap representations of characters used in a given typeface font, at several pixel resolutions. PK font files are conventionally used to actually render LaTeX output for display on a screen.

Software to open or convert PK files

You can open PK files with the following programs:
Adobe Audition
Adobe Audition by Adobe Systems
Adobe Audition
Adobe Audition by Adobe Systems Incorporated

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