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What is the .JPK file type?

The .jpk filename extension belongs to the JPK Microscope Image (.jpk) file type, with respect to electronic microscopes manufactured by JPK Instruments AG and digital images taken with such instruments. A .jpk file is a JPK microscope image saved using a proprietary binary format, which is in fact a customized TIFF variant. The .jpk file contain a preview thumbnail, a series of actual per-channel images, and a list of scanning parameters. JPK image files are generated by the JPK SPM (Scanning Probe Microscopy) software based on the data obtained from a connected JPK instrument. Besides JPK SPM, .jpk images can be opened, processed, or converted into the standard OME-TIFF format using several software tools based on the Bio-Formats Java library, such as Fiji or ImageJ. Additionally, several multi-format image viewers can open and display JPK images.

Quite differently, the .jpk extension is also associated with the Jednolity Plik Kontrolny (JPK, Polish for 'Uniform Control File') standard adopted in Poland for VAT accounting and reporting since July, 2016. In this context, the .jpk file is a digitally-signed tax report prepared and submitted electronically by a Polish company to its tax authority using the JPK standard file format.

Software to open or convert JPK files

You can open JPK files with the following programs:
ACDSee Pro
ACDSee Pro by ACD Systems Ltd.
ACDSee by ACD Systems Ltd.
ACDSee by ACD Systems, Ltd.

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