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What is the .PLE file type?

The filename extension .ple is associated with the Messenger Plus! Encrypted Chat Log (.ple) file type and format. Messenger Plus! was an add-on to Microsoft's MSN Messenger (Windows Live Messenger) instant messaging client, developed by Yuna Software to enhance user experience with additional features (such as animated emoticons and effects), not available in the 'vanilla' client. Windows Live Messenger was entirely deprecated by Microsoft in 2014 in favor of Skype.

The .ple file contains a password-protected and encrypted (AES) transcript of messages received and sent during a Windows Live Messenger conversation with Messenger Plus! installed. To view an encrypted Messenger Plus! chat log (.ple), one could temporarily install old versions of both Windows Live Messenger and Messenger Plus! and use the setup to open the log (also, via the Log Viewer command-line tool). Alternatively, third-party standalone PLE log viewers and decryption tools can be used for the same purpose. In any case, a matching password must be provided to decrypt the .ple file. If set initially, the password hint can be found in the file's header in plain text.


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