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What is the .NWS file type?

The primary association of the .nws filename extension goes with the Windows Live Mail News Message (.nws) file type used with Windows Live Mail (WLM). WLM is a freeware e-mail and newsgroup client for Microsoft Windows that has replaced the legacy Outlook Express (Windows XP and earlier) and Windows Mail (Windows Vista).

A .nws file represents a single Usenet newsgroup message. It is a regular text file that contains the actual message and a set of its service headers. When a message is viewed in WLM, its .nws file (e.g., "4A3828DE-00004A8E.nws") is automatically saved into the "%UserProfile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail\news_server\newsgroup" folder (default location).

When installed, WLM sets up its own association with the .nws file type. Any .nws file can be viewed in WLM by double-clicking or opened in a text editor for a source-code view. NWS messages can also be imported into other e-mail or news clients, either directly or by changing the .nws extension to .eml.

Additionally, the .nws extension stands for The Print Shop Newsletter Project (.nws) file type/format, with reference to versions before and including 23.1 of The Print Shop, a commercial desktop publishing software from Broderbund (Encore Software). Here, the .nws file is a printed newsletter designed in The Print Shop 23.1 or earlier and saved for later editing. Such NWS files are not compatible with the program's later releases such as The Print Shop 2.0 or 3.0.

Software to open or convert NWS files

You can open NWS files with the following programs:
Windows Live Mail
Windows Live Mail by Microsoft Corporation
Почта Windows Live
Почта Windows Live by Microsoft Corporation
The Print Shop
The Print Shop by Broderbund Software
Poczta usługi Windows Live
Poczta usługi Windows Live by Microsoft Corporation

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