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What is the .UFM file type?

The primary association of the .ufm filename extension goes together with the UniDrv Font Metrics (UFM) file type and format. UniDrv is the short form of "Universal Printer Driver", also known as Unidriver, a proprietary printer driver framework technology developed by Microsoft for Microsoft Windows operating systems. UniDrv provides support for all core printing functions, extended with printer manufacturer mini-drivers.

A .ufm file is a binary file that contains metrics data for a device font. A device font is a font directly supported by a printer. With UniDrv, all device fonts must have their metrics defined in corresponding .ufm files. UFM metrics files for TrueType (TTF) can be generated with the use of the "ttf2ufm.exe" tool, available on both Microsoft Windows and GNU/Linux.

UFM metrics are commonly used by PDF creation utilities to properly render document fonts.

Alternatively, the .ufm extension stands for the Ultra Fractal Formula (.ufm) file type. Ultra Fractal is a commercial (trialware) Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X fractal graphics application by F.Slijkerman. To generate fractal patterns, Ultra Fractal relies on mathematical formulas defined and stored in .ufm files.

A .ufm file is a regular text file, containing a list of several fractal formula definitions that follow a certain syntax. Ultra Fractal provides a built-in GUI-based formula editor, and there is an online database of publicly available UFM fractal formulas.

Software to open or convert UFM files

You can open UFM files with the following programs:
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