PP7M File Extension

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What is the .PP7M file type?

The .pp7m extension has its single association with the proprietary Entrust Password-Encrypted File (.pp7m) file type/format. Entrust is the provider of commercial data security solutions for Microsoft (MS) Windows, such as Entrust Solo, Entrust Entelligence Security Provider (ESP), etc. Entrust software uses strong encryption algorithms to protect information and is popular among legal professionals (notaries, lawyers, etc.).

A .pp7m file is a password-encrypted file that has been encrypted with a symmetric encryption algorithm, i.e. the same password is used for encryption and decryption. A .pp7m file is an archive container that stores the original files in an encrypted form.

PP7M files are used as an effective means of securing sensitive information, making any unauthorized access impossible. Information inside .pp7m files is meant to be accessed only by those persons who know the password and have access to the appropriate Entrust software for actual decryption.

If the password to a .pp7m is known, one can also use the free Entrust Password Decrypt utility (MS Windows) for decryption.

Software to open or convert PP7M files

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