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What is the .RMV file type?

The filename extension .rmv has its primary association with the Radical Entertainment Game Video (.rmv) file format developed by the former Canadian game developer Radical Entertainment (acquired and dissolved by Activision). RMV was used to encode and store video sequences in such Radical Entertainment games as The Simpsons Hit & Run, The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, and others. Located in the "movies" subdirectory of the game installation folder (e.g., "..\The Simpsons Hit & Run\movies\"), such .rmv files ("fmv2.rmv" and similar) contain video sequences to be played back during gameplay as cued by the game scenario. Internally, such .rmv files were encoded with RAD Game Tools' proprietary Bink encoder and used the associated container format.

Derived as an abbreviation of "RealMedia Video," the filename extension .rmv is also related to the RealMedia Video (.rv, .rmv, .rmvb) file type and the proprietary multimedia streaming format developed by RealNetworks, Inc. More commonly designated with the .rmvb extension, RealMedia video files (.rv, .rmv, .rmvb) are intended for RTSP streaming and are best handled by the proprietary RealPlayer and Helix players. Besides, certain RealMedia video (.rmv, etc.) files can be properly opened and played by some general-purpose multimedia players like VLC.

As a short for "removed," the .rmv extension was also used by previous versions of the AVG antivirus and data security software (AVG Technologies) to label Windows system files (e.g., in the "\Windows\system32" directory) that were quarantined and "removed" by it on suspicion of being security threats. The offending files were not physically removed, but assigned an additional .rmv extension instead. Upon restart, such files could be further examined or deleted completely, if necessary.

In the context of WebSphere Message Broker (WMB), a subsystem of the IBM WebSphere web application platform, the .rmv extension is assigned to temporary rollback files created at the time of WMB deployment to ensure that changes can be reverted if necessary. Such .rmv files are automatically handled by WMB.

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