PODCAST File Extension

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What is the .PODCAST file type?

The .podcast extension is primarily associated with the JRiver Media Center Subscribe (.podcast) file type introduced and used specifically by JRiver multimedia software. JRiver Media Center (JRMC) is a comprehensive jukebox-type commercial solution to organize and play media files (Windows/Mac OS). Among other media file types , JRMC is able to subscribe to and play podcasts (downloadable digital audio/video news and blog recordings).

A JRMC .podcast file is a plaintext file with an RSS-style XML podcast definition, typically with Atom- and iTunes-specific tags included for compatibility across different podcast client applications. Basically, a .podcast file is an RSS feed (typically, the 'rss.xml' file) with a different extension.

By default, JRMC registers the .podcast file type and sets up its own association with it. A double-click on a .podcast file would launch or activate JRMC and automatically add a podcast feed contained in the file into the podcast tree.

Besides JRMC, other media application may register and use the .podcast file type with the same meaning and for the same purposes.

Software to open or convert PODCAST files

You can open PODCAST files with the following programs:
JRiver Media Center
JRiver Media Center by JRiver, Inc.
JRiver Media Center
JRiver Media Center by J. River, Inc.
Media Jukebox
Media Jukebox by J. River, Inc.
Media Center
Media Center by J. River, Inc.

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