LST File Extension

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What is the .LST file type?

The .lst extension stands for 'LiST' and most generally denotes files that are lists or listings of some text-based information. The .lst extension points out to the file's function, rather than its format.

A generic .lst file is a plaintext file readable and editable with any text editor. TXT files can be often used as LST lists with or without extension change. In some cases, LST files are automatically created and referenced by applications and do not need to be edited.

LST files used by different applications may have varying internal formats and syntaxes. However, often used as filename or other lists, LST files would have one line per one list item, with the line break sequence as a delimiter.

Source code listings in the Assembly, C++ and other programming languages are often shared as LST listings.

Alternatively, the .lst extension is associated with HP LightScribe Template (LST), a proprietary format and file type developed by Hewlett-Packard, Inc. LST template files store cover design information to allow creation of custom graphical labels for optical media.

In GNU/Linux, the .lst extension is associated with GRand Unified Bootloader (GRUB), an open universal bootloader that can chainload almost any operating system or another loader. The plaintext 'menu.lst' file in GRUB stores its main boot menu with boot-time options and paths.

Software to open or convert LST files

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