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What is the .SDR file type?

The main association of the .sdr extension belongs to the SmartDraw Drawing (SDR) file format and the related file type. SmartDraw is a paid vector drawing application (Microsoft Windows only) by SmartDraw, LLC. SmartDraw furnishes a complete set of features to create charts, diagrams, visual aids, or schematics, using a rich assortment of templates (.sdt). SmartDraw documents are saved in its native SDR binary format, not directly compatible with any other application.

An .sdr file is a SmartDraw drawing. It can be natively opened in SmartDraw and, once opened, converted into a number of other standard or popular formats, published as PDF, or directly inserted into any Microsoft Office document via OLE. SmartDraw automatically associates the SDR file type to itself, so SDR documents can be opened with a double-click.

Additionally, the .sdr extension has an association with the Sokkia Total Station Survey Data (SDR) file type. Sokkia is an established manufacturer and supplier of various GIS and GPS appliances, geodetic tools, including Sokkia total stations. A total station is an automated survey tool that collects and stores field point data. An .sdr file thus is a dataset obtained from a Sokkia total station, using a datalogger. SDR files are natively supported by Sokkia Link Application (SDXpress) and can be imported into GIS, CAD, or other software.

Quite differently, the .sdr extension also happens to be assigned to directories as well, denoting folders with metadata files on Amazon Kindle Touch and later devices. Created for every e-book title present on a Kindle device, a sidecar .sdr folder matches the e-book's name and contains cover art and metadata files (.apnx, .mbp1, .mbs, .asc), relevant to that particular title.

Exclusively on Dell machines running Microsoft Windows, the .sdr extension is used to label hidden system information files (e.g., "dell.sdr"), usually located in the system drive's root directory. Such .sdr files are service files that keep system information for Dell customer support technicians and/or automated support or recovery tools. On a Dell PC, .sdr files should never be deleted.

In the scope of μWSDR—an amateur microwave software defined radio (SDR) project—the .sdr extension denotes SDR hardware capabilities definition files. The μWSDR framework requires each type of hardware to provide an .sdr file that would describe its capabilities in a common syntax. It is a plaintext file with a set of options and extensive comments.

Software to open or convert SDR files

You can open SDR files with the following programs:
SmartDraw by
SmartDraw by SmartDraw, LLC
SmartDraw CI
SmartDraw CI by SmartDraw, LLC

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