PPTX File Extension

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What is the .PPTX file type?

The .pptx filename extension relates to the newer Microsoft (MS) PowerPoint Presentation format, an extension of the larger Office Open XML (OOXML) file type format. OOXML is a cross-platform document format covered with an ISO standard. However, there are still licensing issues connected with OOXML.

The .pptx extension has been introduced with MS Office 2007 and represents a PowerPoint presentation stored in a zipped XML-based file. PPTX files are natively supported in MS Office 2007 and newer editions.

Outside MS Office, Microsoft provides free utilities that can read and display .pptx files. Also, with the use of the official file format conversion pack, .pptx files can be opened in MS Office XP/2003.

Different levels of support for PPTX files and other OOXML documents exist in other, mainly open-source, office suites. Standalone converter tools are also available (especially in MacOS). Like .xlsx workbooks, PPTX presentations are browsable as zip folders, with images and side notes stored as separate files and easily extractable.

Software to open or convert PPTX files

You can open PPTX files with the following programs: 

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