PUB File Extension

Have a problem opening a .PUB file? We collect information about file formats and can explain what PUB files are. Additionally we recommend software suitable for opening or converting such files.

What is the .PUB file type?

The .pub extension is primarily associated with the Microsoft (MS) Publisher Document (PUB) file format and file type. MS Publisher is part of MS Office, a very popular commercial and proprietary multipurpose office productivity suite. PUB is a proprietary format maintained by MS.

In a .pub file, raster and vector graphics can be combined with text in complex page layouts. A PUB file is meant to be a master copy of a publishing project, retaining high complexity of vector graphics and high resolution of raster images. PUB files are used for newsletters, flyers, posters, calendars etc. that can be published for distribution as PDF or PostScript files in different quality grades.

PUB files can be opened, modified and saved with MS Publisher only. However, a .pub file can be saved into a different format from within MS Publisher or converted into other formats with the use of some free online services. Some open-source office suites offer limited PUB file import capability via dedicated plugin extensions.

Quite differently, the .pub extension can be also associated with public key rings created and used by PGP (Pretty Good Privacy), an asymmetric encryption/decryption utility by PGP Corporation.

Software to open or convert PUB files

You can open PUB files with the following programs: 

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