ITLP File Extension

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What is the .ITLP file type?

The .itlp file extension represents the interactive iTunes LP Music Album (.itlp) file format used with iTunes (v.9-v.12), a free media management app developed by Apple Inc. and allowing users to buy, download, organize and play audio, video, and other digital content. Initially intended for use with Apple's macOS operating systems, iTunes is now also available for Windows-based PC.

ITLP files are digital media containers used to distribute value-added versions of music albums via the iTunes Store. Besides DRM-free audio data recorded in the 256 Kbps AAC format, they also store additional album-associated content such as bonus tracks, exclusive interviews and photo sets, videos, animated lyrics and other multimedia elements that can be viewed alongside the music. In February 2018, Apple announced their plans to deprecate all ITLP albums from the iTunes Store during 2018. However, the company is still going to support the iTunes LP format - all users who bought .itlp albums can download the bonus content using iTunes Match.


Software to open or convert ITLP files

You can open ITLP files with the following programs:
iTunes by Apple Inc.
VoiceOver Kit
VoiceOver Kit by Apple Inc.
WinRAR by win.rar GmbH
QuickTime by Apple Inc.

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