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What is the .SII file type?

The .sii extension is mainly associated with the SoftInterface Conversion Job (SII) file type. SoftInterface, Inc. provides a series of commercial file-format conversion utilities for Microsoft Windows. All SoftInterface (SI) utilities use similar user interface layout and utilize the same conversion job file format/syntax.

A SI conversion job (.sii) file is a text-based file that stores names and paths of source and target files, conversion settings, etc., using a special syntax. Several sample .sii files are provided with each SI tool. All SI tools associate themselves with the SII file type. If multiple SI tools are installed on the same system, the SII file type is re-associated to the one installed last.

Quite differently, the .sii extension can also be found denoting game object definition files (.sii) in a series of hard truck simulation games by SCS Software. Such games include the two main titles, Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS 2) and 18 Wheels of Steel (WoS), both in several editions. The games provide highly detailed simulation of driving large cargo trucks in different city and country environments.

With the above games, .sii files appear as text-based structured definitions of various games objects (trucks, trailers, cabins etc.). All default .sii definitions are stored inside the "base.scs" ZIP archive file (located in the game installation directory inside the "Program Files" folder).

SII files are often modified and used as part of so-called 'mods'; there are also different utilities to extract the contents of the "base.scs" file, which should never be modified itself. All 'mods' are normally placed into separate folders inside the user's home directory (e.g., "..\My Documents\18 WoS Haulin\mod\").

Software to open or convert SII files

You can open SII files with the following programs:
Convert PDF To Image
Convert PDF To Image by Softinterface, Inc.
Convert Image To PDF
Convert Image To PDF by Softinterface, Inc.
Notepad++ by Notepad++ Team

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