TDP File Extension

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What is the .TDP file type?

The filename extension .tdp primarily represents the file type TOSHIBA Disc Creator Project File (.tdp), which is associated with TOSHIBA Disc Creator. TOSHIBA Disc Creator is the name of a proprietary utility developed by TOSHIBA Corporation for recording data on optical media and distributed as pre-installed software with TOSHIBA laptop computers. To compile and record data disks, TOSHIBA Disc Creator uses .tdp project files. A .tdp file represents a compilation of a data disk prepared using TOSHIBA Disc Creator. It is a hybrid binary and text-based file designated by a "TOSHIBA DISC CREATOR PROJECTFILE" signature, in which references are kept to all local files and folders that are included in the data disk project. The .tdp file basically contains plain text obfuscated with a binary zero inserted after each character byte. As a project, the TDP file contains no actual file data.

Alternatively, the .tdp extension denotes the TotalMedia Studio MV File (.tdp) file type associated with the paid video authoring software ArcSoft TotalMedia Studio by ArcSoft, Inc. delivered as part of the TotalMedia Extreme product. Video projects created in ArcSoft TotalMedia Studio are saved as .tdp files. A .tdp file like this is an editable master copy of related video content created in TotalMedia Studio. It is not a directly playable video file and must be produced in one of the commonly supported compressed video formats before publishing or uploading to online multimedia hosting sites.

Another file type designated by the .tdp extension is Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory Theme Designer Project (.tdp). It is associated with Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory (FGF) Theme Designer, a dedicated movie theme editor shipped with the Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory slide show authoring software by Wondershare Software Co. Here, a .tdp file is a custom XML document describing a movie theme created in Wondershare FGF Theme Designer.

Software to open or convert TDP files

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