PY File Extension

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What is the .PY file type?

Files that contain the .py file extension are Python source files used for development of web based applications. Python is one of eight most popular programming languages and is known for its very clear syntax and excellent compatibility with the majority of other programming languages.

PY files written in the Python language are supported and may be executed on all common platforms including Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Unix as well as on operating systems designed for mobile devices.

PY files can be created using any common text editor, but you need to have a Python interpreter to process scripts that they contain. You can type Python statements or expressions in the command prompt window to have them executed. The interpreter compiles the PY source code into bytecodes and then executes the bytecodes to run the associated application.

PY Python scripts or even entire applications written in the Python language can be encapsulated into .exe files. It is done to enable distribution of Python files without the need to install the Python interpreter on end users' computers.

Software to open or convert PY files

You can open PY files with the following programs: 

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