UDT File Extension

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What is the .UDT file type?

The primary role of the .udt filename extension is associated with the generic User-Defined [Data] Type (.udt) file type, commonly used for denoting storages of various user-defined data. It can be a custom data type, a new spellchecking dictionary, or other storage created by an application internally based on some user input. The .udt extension itself does not give any clues regarding the true format of the data, but rather acts as a generic function label for the file. Since user-defined data types most commonly occur in the area of software development, the .udt file type often gets associated with an integrated development environment (IDE) like Microsoft Visual Studio or other programmer's tool.

With reference to Ancile uPerform, a paid training content development and management solution by ANCILE Solutions, Inc. for SAP systems (also known as SAP Productivity Pak), the .udt extension is associated with the Ancile uPerform Template (.udt) file type. Created by project authors using the uPerform editor and saved in the "%UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\ANCILE\uPerform\Version..\templates" folder by default, author templates (.udt) contain predefined textual, graphical, or other elements to be applied to all projects based on that template. Multiple templates (.udt) can be assigned to a single uPerform project.

Besides, the .udt extension was chosen by Fookes Holding Ltd. as the authors of NoteTab, a commercial advanced text/HTML editor for Microsoft Windows, to denote NoteTab user-defined dictionary files. Located in the "C:\Program Files\NoteTab ..\Dictionaries\" directory by default, such .udt files (e.g., Default.udt) serve to store any new words or terms added by the user during spellchecking in NoteTab. NoteTab does not associate itself with the .udt file type.

Software to open or convert UDT files

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