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What is the .TRP file type?

The primary association of the .trp filename extension belongs to the High-Definition (HD) Digital Video Transport Stream (TRP) file format/type. TRP is a designation of the standard DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) data transmission format widely supported by digital set-top boxes (digital cable, air, or satellite receivers) and PVR (Personal Video Recorder) devices. Such DVB/PVR devices would normally save any recorded video materials as .trp or .ts files.

A .trp file is a a DVB program recorded as MPEG-2 transport stream (MPEG-2/TS, MPEG-2 Part 1). Inside such .trp containers, the H.264/AVC (MPEG-4 Part 10) video codec, along with the AC3 (Audio Coding 3, Dolby Digital) audio codec, are typically used.

TRP files can be played by any media player that supports MPEG-2 transport streams and the H.264/AC3 codec pair. Since a .trp file is, in fact, an MPEG transport stream, changing the extension to .ts may help making the file playable with some media players.

Differently, the .trp extension also comes in association with the PlayStation Trophy File (TRP) file format/type. PlayStation (PS) is the name of several generations of portable video game devices developed and marketed by Sony. With the Trophy system initiated in 2008, PS players can be awarded so-called "trophies" credited for various in-game achievements and display such trophies in their PS Network online profiles.

The trophy system uses .trp files as containers to store trophy images (mostly, .png) and control files (XML-based.esfm files) in a proprietary encrypted format. There are unofficial tools that can extract individual files from PS3/PS4 .trp trophy containers.

With reference to Rapise, a versatile tool by Inflectra Corporation to automate application testing in web development, the .trp extension stands for 'Test Report' and is used to denote Rapise automated test report files (.trp). Containing a step-by-step log of a Rapise test sequence, a .trp report is created automatically every time the test is run; such test reports can be viewed directly in Rapise with the Report Viewer tab.

Lastly, the .trp extension (as a short for 'Trip') is used by the CoPilot GPS navigation software (ALK Technologies) for mobile devices (Pocket PC, PDA, smartphones) to identify trip files. A .trp file is a recording of a trip along a certain road route that can be use as navigation directions with the use of the CoPilot software.

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