RAP File Extension

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What is the .RAP file type?

The main association of the .rap extension belongs to Raptor, a programming environment created by Martin C. Carlisle. The RAP file contains specifications for flowcharts. These flowcharts, used in software development, show execution order of commands and help visualizing algorithms in the code.

RAP files can also be associated with RapAnalyst, the obsolete AI application for transforming data into actionable information developed by Raptor International. Files with the .rap extension are knowledge filter files that allow prediction modeling in RapAnalyst.

Alternatively, the .rap extension is associated with Room Arranger, a tool for planning and designing home interior. In that case, a RAP file is a Room Arranger Project. RAP files contain data on each separate project - dimensions, objects, decorations, etc.

Files with the .rap extension are proprietary and can be opened in the Room Arranger software only.

Software to open or convert RAP files

You can open RAP files with the following programs: 

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