TMP File Extension

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What is the .TMP file type?

TMP is one of the most popular filename extensions for temporary files. It is often assigned not only to filenames, but also to names of temporary folders to emphasize their temporary status. The .tmp extension may be used by different programs for different purposes, and TMP files may contain all sorts of data: plain text, spreadsheets, images, binary documents, and so on. Some TMP files are just backup copies of normal files that the user is working with, so the program can later restore the file if something happens (error, power outage, etc.) by simply renaming the TMP file to its proper filename extension. The user can also change the .tmp extension manually, but due to the fact that there are hundreds of TMP files in the corresponding system folder it's not an easy task.

TMP files are normally deleted by the program that created them after the task or session is finished. However, some files may be left in temporary folders of Windows. These abandoned files can be safely deleted - manually, using the "Disk cleanup" utility of Windows, or with a special program.


Software to open or convert TMP files

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