TS4 File Extension

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What is the .TS4 file type?

The .ts4 filename extension occurs primarily in association with the TechniSat HD Recording (.ts4) file type and format. TechniSat is a well-known provider of digital TV and DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) hardware for receiving and recording digital satellite, air, and cable broadcasts, also in HD quality.

A .ts4 file is a recording of an HD digital video broadcast made by a TechniSat device, using the MPEG Transport Stream (MPEG-TS) format and the H.264/AVC video and AC3 audio codecs. TS4 recordings can be directly played with the TechniSat device that was used to record them. Otherwise, although most Technisat HD recorders allow to transfer the recorded .ts4 files to a computer, TS4 media files are not directly playable by media players. There are, however, many freeware and paid software tools that allow to demux, remux, and transcode .ts4 files into commonly supported formats (.m2ts, .mp4, .mkv).

Beside TechniSat devices, the .ts4 file type may be used by other DVB and PVR (Personal Video Recorder) systems and top boxes.

Another association of the .ts4 extension goes together with the G Data TopSecret 4 Safe File (.ts4) file type/format utilized with the G Data TopSecret 4 data security application by G Data Software. A now-legacy software with its latest version dated 2009 (Polish), G Data TopSecret 4 safeguards user data by placing it into a digital safe file (.ts4), a standalone encrypted container with an internal filesystem (NTFS or FAT).

TS4 safe files can be protected with passwords, digital certificates, and/or fingerprints. A .ts4 digital safe file can be opened with G Data TopSecret or other G Data software only, provided the correct credentials are supplied.

Software to open or convert TS4 files

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