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What is the .IMAGE file type?

The .image extension is most frequently associated with the Squeak Image (.image) file type and format. Squeak is an open-source (MIT and Apache licenses) portable implementation of the Smalltalk programming language and runtime/development environment. To ensure portability, the actual Squeak environment is always run on a virtual machine.

A Squeak .image file is a binary snapshot of a working Squeak environment that can be loaded into a virtual machine and run by it. Normally, every .image file is accompanied by a .changes file, which stores any changes made to the Squeak source code. Taken together, one .image file and one .changes file make up a system image. Squeak IMAGE files are distributable and platform-independent.

In order to use Squeak system images (.image + .changes), an operational Squeak installation is required.

Additionally, the .image extension is conventionally assigned to disk image files created with several legacy Apple Mac OS tools, such as Disk Copy, ShrinkWrap, etc. An .image file is typically a verbatim floppy disk image that can be either written or mounted as a device by the same or different disk imaging tool, incl. emulators. The .image format is long outdated and replaced by the Apple Disk Image format (.dmg, .img, .smi).

Along the same line, the .image extension can also be attached to disk image files. A disk image is a verbatim copy of the physical disk's contents, and there are a number of both open and proprietary formats to record disk image files. An .image file is a disk image created by a disk image utility (like dd) to clone disk volumes (partitions), transfer and backup data, etc.

Lastly, the .image extension also serves to identify uncompressed images of the proprietary Cisco IOS (Internetwork Operating System) software designed to operate on Cisco network routers/switches. An .image file is a ready-to-use Cisco IOS binary blob, to be uploaded into the flash memory of a compatible Cisco device and run by that device.

Software to open or convert IMAGE files

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