RMU File Extension

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What is the .RMU file type?

The filename extension .rmu is mainly associated with the Reflection Menu Settings (.rmu) file type used in the scope of Reflection, a multifaceted suite of system administration tools for UNIX and other systems developed by Attachmate Corporation (formerly, WRQ, Inc.). Reflection provides extensive configuration options via global and partial settings files. One of the partial settings family used to independently control individual aspects in Reflection, the .rmu file type concerns menu settings. A menu settings (.rmu) file contains menu customizations made in the Reflection GUI that can be saved for later use. Like other partial settings files, .rmu files can be shared among all Reflection releases. For convenience, any customizations (incl. menu customizations saved as .rmu files) made in Reflection can be exported and viewed as HTML, basing on XSL transform files.

Apart from that, the .rmu extension is also used as an identification label for RaceME product update files. Each of such .rmu files contains a firmware update image for one of the RaceME motor vehicle ECM programming (chip tuning) hardware devices developed and sold by RaceME GmbH. Once downloaded from RaceME's official website, an .rmu update file can be used to update the device's firmware with the RaceME USB Uploader tool.

Software to open or convert RMU files

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