NDS File Extension

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What is the .NDS file type?

The .nds filename extension stands for 'Nintendo Dual Screen' (NDS) and is usually assigned to Nintendo DS ROM (Read-Only Memory) files. Nintendo DS was/is a popular game console manufactured and marketed by Nintendo with dual screens, stereo sound, speech recognition and other advanced features. All Nintendo DS games were distributed as ROM cartridges.

An .nds file is basically a verbatim binary image of a game cartridge's ROM contents. NDS files are created off original hardware game cartridges and are in fact virtual cartridges. Such virtual game cartridges can be used with many available Nintendo DS emulators on different platforms. NDS image files can have different sizes, depending on the size of the original ROM.

All Nintendo software is copyright-protected, so creation and distribution of NDS cartridge images may be illegal. However, due to the popularity of the Nintendo DS console, there are a number of NDS game titles available as .nds files on the Internet.

Software to open or convert NDS files

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