RMVB File Extension

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What is the .RMVB file type?

The .rmvb filename extension is universally used to denote the RealMedia Variable Rate (RMVB) multimedia compression format, the RMVB file type and files in that format. RMVB is a proprietary container format developed and promoted by RealNetworks. RMVB uses compression similar to MPEG-4 x.264 and variable media stream bitrate.

RMVB files are compressed multimedia files with a variable bitrate (VBR). Because of VBR compression, RMVB files can provide generally better quality with smaller filesizes and lower bitrates than their constant-bitrate (CBR) counterparts (.rm), because VBR compression is more efficient. RMVB video files became popular in anime cartoons and similar drawing-based animation, especially in the Asian region.

The RMVB format is supported by RealPlayer and several other major media players, and .rmvb media files can also be converted into other formats through one of the many available free and commercial converters.

Software to open or convert RMVB files

You can open RMVB files with the following programs: 

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