MPD File Extension

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What is the .MPD file type?

The .mpd extension is primarily associated with the Microsoft Project Database (MPD) file type. It is a proprietary container-type database format, in which all project-specific files are stored in form of a relational database inside a single .mpd file.

The MPD format is introduced and supported by the Microsoft (MS) Project series, a software suite designed for enhanced project management in diverse applications, including education, HR-management, health care, industry etc.

Although MPD files can be opened by all MS Project versions, most recent versions (starting from MS Project 2007) would not save to an .mpd file, while allowing to use it as a base project to be later saved in a different format.

Being a relational database, an MPD project file is also directly accessible with MS Access.

Alternatively, the .mpd extension is related to playlist or file-list files created by WenSoftware File List Creator. MPD playlist files are plaintext files and contain no media or other data.

Additionally, the .mpd extension is used to denote multiple-part and/or sub-model description plaintext files in LDraw, which is a system of free LEGO brick modeling software tools.

Less commonly, the .mpd extension can also be associated with Monadic Predicate (MPD) entity files in the ABC programming language environment.

Software to open or convert MPD files

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