SKP File Extension

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What is the .SKP file type?

The .skp extension belongs to the Trimble SketchUp Model (SKP) file format and the respective file type (.skp). SketchUp is a popular 2D/3D sketching and modeling tool with an intuitive and simplistic GUI. It is a proprietary software for Microsoft Windows and MacOS X by Trimble Navigation Limited (formerly, Google). Earlier, SketchUp was used by Google as the preferred model-authoring tool for the Google Earth project.

An .skp file is a SketchUp document. It can be a 3D object (model), a designed scene or assembly, or simply a sketch. SketchUp documents are saved in the proprietary SKP binary file format, natively supported only by SketchUp—although there are other CAD applications that can import/export .skp files.

Within SketchUp Pro, .skp models can be converted into other 3D-model formats, as well as exported as bitmap images. Besides SketchUp, SKP files can be viewed with the freeware SketchUp Viewer utility (Trimble). A large selection of 3D models in the SKP format is available at Trimble's online 3D Warehouse.

Software to open or convert SKP files

You can open SKP files with the following programs:
SketchUp by Trimble Navigation Limited
SketchUp by Trimble, Inc.
Google SketchUp
Google SketchUp by Google, Inc.
Google SketchUp Pro
Google SketchUp Pro by Google, Inc.

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