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What is the .RNT file type?

The .rnt filename extension is primarily associated with the RightNote Notebook (.rnt) file type used by RightNote, a freeware/paid information organizer and note-taking tool from Bauer Apps. RightNote uses a hierarchically structured data-tree approach and allows to create different types of notes (spreadsheets, links, webpages, etc.) and save them in notebooks. Each notebook (.rnt) is an SQLite 3.x database that can hold multiple data trees and use note-based or file-based data protection. Even RightNote's own user manual provided as an .rnt notebook ("RNUserGuide.rnt").

Such notebook (.rnt) files can be natively opened in RightNote, and multiple notebooks can be opened at the same time. From RightNote, every notebook (.rnt) can be printed, published for web, or exported in several standard formats. Apart from that, the contents and structure of any RightNote notebook (.rnt) can be easily explored with an SQLite database browser.

In previous versions of Renoise, a commercial cross-platform Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) product of E.Müller et al. (Renoise), the .rnt extension was used in association with the Renoise DSP Chain (.rnt) file type/format. The .rnt file represented a chain of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) effects and settings that could be applied as a whole to a sound channel in Renoise. In recent versions of Renoise, a different XML-based format and a different extension (.xrnt) are used for DSP chains (now referred to as Effect Chain presets).

In the scope of the genetic database maintained by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), the .rnt extension is associated with the RNA Table (.rnt) file type/format. Used as part of the NCBI-adopted organism genome description dataset, each .rnt file contains a structural ribonucleic acid (RNA) table for a particular genome. Such .rnt files are text-based and require special genetic-analysis software for meaningful processing.

Software to open or convert RNT files

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