PWI File Extension

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What is the .PWI file type?

The .pwi filename extension denotes the Microsoft Pocket Word Ink (.pwi) file type and format. PWI is a proprietary format developed by Microsoft for notes taken on Pocket PC, or PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) mobile devices running Windows CE (later, Windows Mobile). In particular, the PWI format was used by such Windows CE/Windows Mobile applications as InkWriter, Note Taker, and Notes.

The .pwi file is a typed, handwritten, or voice note. Technically, it is a container for text, ink (handwritten images), and audio data. On a Microsoft Windows PC, such .pwi notes could be opened in the long-deprecated Microsoft Works, imported (text only) in Microsoft Word, or converted to RTF (Rich-Text Format) using Microsoft ActiveSync (Windows XP). With ActiveSync replaced by WMDC since Windows Vista, such conversion is no longer possible.

Besides the partial support in Microsoft Word and ActiveSync, the PWI format is fully supported only by the Microsoft OneNote note-taking application. There are also third-party converters that can limitedly translate .pwi files into common formats.

Software to open or convert PWI files

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