GPX File Extension

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What is the .GPX file type?

The .gpx extension is primarily associated with the 'GPS Exchange Format' (GPX) and file type. GPX is an open and well-supported XML-based standard for Global Positioning Systems (GPS) information interchange. The GPX format is designed to define GPS tracks, routes and waypoints. It is widely used in mapping and navigation software and online services and can be currently considered a de facto industry standard.

A GPX file is a small plaintext file containing an XML-based definition of GPS coordinates with respective time stamps. Series of such coordinates can be arranged into waypoints, tracks and/or routes that can be further processed or visualized by GPS software.

While GPX files can be opened with any text editor, it seldom makes sense, unless one wants to deal with an XML listing directly. Such files are much better handled with special mapping and navigational software. Many open, free and commercial tools offer read and write support for GPX files.

Windows does not provide a default association for files with the .gpx extension.

Software to open or convert GPX files

You can open GPX files with the following programs:
Guitar Pro
Guitar Pro by Arobas Music
Tyre by t Schrijverke
EasyGPS by TopoGrafix
TuxGuitar by TuxGuitar
Guitar Pro 6 Demo
Guitar Pro 6 Demo by Arobas Music

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