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What is the .RPT file type?

Being an abbreviation of 'Report,' the .rpt extension primarily serves as a generic label for all kinds of report files created by different software as structured or sequential information output. A report file (.rpt) contains meaningful information, resulting from a database query, a crash self-analysis dump, or a verbose description of a process (compilation, simulation, etc.) unfolding in time.

A large number of applications save their reports as .rpt files, and for different purposes. Such reports usually follow certain templates and may use a variety of different (and incompatible) formats, although most commonly a .rpt file is a text-based file that can be read with a text editor. Otherwise, any .rpt files that rely on proprietary formats should be opened with appropriate developer-supplied report-reading tools.

In a narrowed-down sense, the .rpt extension is also specifically associated with the Crystal Reports Report (RPT) file type and format(-s). SAP Crystal Reports (CR) is a proprietary reporting engine/application developed by SAP AG for business environments and marketed as part of SAP business intelligence systems.

An .rpt file is a report generated with CR, containing structured information from a number of data sources, including databases (Oracle, SQL Server, etc.), spreadsheets, filesystems, etc. RPT files use a succession of proprietary container formats to hold data of different types. RPT reports created with earlier versions of CR may be unreadable in latest CR releases.

CR report files (.rpt) can be opened with SAP Crystal Reports, or any solutions that incorporate CR. Besides, SAP provides the freeware SAP Crystal Reports Viewer to view .rpt files. There also are several third-party tools that can open and/or convert .rpt files.

The Quartus II electronic circuit design and simulation software (Altera Corp.) uses the .rpt extension to distinguish its Text-Format Report (RPT) file type. Such RPT files are used in Quartus II as textual representations of simulation and/or compilation reports. RPT reports usually have double extensions (e.g., .asm.rpt) to indicate their proper context. All Quartus II .rpt files are plaintext and can be opened with any text editor.

Software to open or convert RPT files

You can open RPT files with the following programs:
Crystal Reports
Crystal Reports by Seagate Software, Inc.
Crystal Reports
Crystal Reports by Crystal Decisions, Inc.

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