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What is the .BBB file type?

Denoting the BlackBerry Backup file format and the associated BBB file type, the .bbb extension is assigned to backup files made with the BlackBerry Desktop application. BlackBerry (BB) is a trademark of advanced smartphones, or communicator devices marketed by Research In Motion (RIM). For content synchronization purposes, BB users are offered BlackBerry Desktop software (MS Windows/Mac OS X).

The current BBB format is a proprietary binary container format used with BB Desktop 7.x to backup user data from a BB device. It is done through compressing several respective IPD database files (contacts, messages, pictures, memos, phone settings etc.) into a single, possibly encrypted container file (.bbb).

BBB files are intended as storages of user data that can be restored into a BB device, however, the newer BBB format is not compatible with the older. There also may be significant difficulties in trying to restore a .bbb backup made off an older device, or with an older BB Desktop version.

There are several independent utilities, both free and commercial, that can view and extract contents of BBB backup files.

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