EMZ File Extension

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What is the .EMZ file type?

The .emz extension serves to denote the Windows Compressed Enhanced Metafile file format and the associated EMZ file type. EMZ is a compressed version of the Windows Enhanced Metafile (EMF) format. In its turn, EMF is a Windows-specific format mainly used for vector graphics—an enhancement over the earlier Windows Metafile (WMF) format. Both WMF and EMF are Windows-specific, being based upon serialized GDI calls.

An .emz file is a compressed EMF image. In fact, an .emz file is a GZIP archive with a compressed EMF file inside.

EMZ files are generally supported in MS Windows only. They can be directly opened with the default Windows image viewer as well as MS Office applications. Outside MS Windows, EMZ(EMF) files can be opened and/or imported with several vector drawing applications and alternative office suites.

Additionally, an .emz file can be treated as a .gzip archive file. Its contents (an .emf file) can be extracted with any GZIP-compatible archive manager, although it may be necessary to change the extension of the extracted file to .emf manually.

Software to open or convert EMZ files

You can open EMZ files with the following programs: 

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