VMG File Extension

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What is the .VMG file type?

The .vmg extension associates with the vMessage file format and the related VMG file type. Multiple mobile phone companies (like Nokia, Samsung, Vertu, etc.) use vMessage as a standard format for saving short text messages (SMS) into plaintext files on a computer.

A .vmg file is a Unicode (UTF-16) text-based file in the vMessage format. Aside from standard service fields and delimiter tags, a VMG file contains full text of a short text message (SMS).

VMG files are most frequently encountered in connection with proprietary software offered by mobile phone companies to synchronize content between mobile devices and a computer (e.g., Nokia PC Suite/Ovi, Samsung PC Studio/Kies, etc.). Such applications allow to save and read .vmg files, as well as export messages in the CSV, TXT or other easily manageable formats.

Although VMG files can be directly opened with any Unicode-enabled text editor, it is not convenient to view messages this way. Instead, there are many independent utilities that can convert, aggregate, and sort .vmg message files, display messages in the form of a chat, etc.

Software to open or convert VMG files

You can open VMG files with the following programs: 

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