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What is the .UCF file type?

The primary association of the .ucf filename extension belongs to the Universal Communications Format (UCF), developed for sharing rich media content within the Cisco WebEx online meeting and collaboration platform from Cisco Systems. UCF is a private container format that allows to wrap audio, video, document, Adobe Flash, and other files and share the combined 'rich media' in Cisco WebEx sessions.

The .ucf file is a UCF rich-media container. Such files can be locally opened with the Cisco WebEx software or shared during online meeting sessions. For the latter, the "Enable UCF rich media for attendees" option must be turned on by the initiating party. To view a .ucf file, the embedded file formats (e.g., Adobe Flash or WMV) must be supported on the user's system.

Using the WebEx Universal Communications Toolkit and its WebEx Document Manager, one can create UCF files from several source files of different supported types, while the Microsoft PowerPoint UCF plugin allows to directly embed UCF files in PowerPoint presentations.

In the Bentley MicroStation CAD software from Bentley Systems, the .ucf extension is assigned to user configuration files (.ucf) that store user-specific settings and variables. The .ucf file is regular text file with a list of variable assignment statements, processed at the end of startup after system, application, and site variables. Each MicroStation user has his/her own UCF file ("<user>.ucf") located in the "%ProgramData%\Bentley\MicroStation ...\WorkSpace\Users" directory by default (Microsoft Windows 7 and later).

The .ucf extension also has to do with the User Constraint File (.ucf) file type and the associated ASCII format designed by Xilinx to describe user-generated logical design constraints for Xilinx FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) devices (e.g., Spartan-6 or Artix-7). UCF files are usually edited in the Constraints Editor (Xilinx ISE Design Suite), although any text editor can be used to work with such files. The syntax and all aspects of using user constraint files (.ucf) are described in great detail in Xilinix's Constraints Guide.

Software to open or convert UCF files

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