Opening LHA files

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What is the .LHA file type?

The .lha filename extension is one of the two extensions (the other is .lzh) traditionally belonging to the LHA/LZH Archive File (.lha, .lzh) file type and format. The .lha suffix was derived from the name of a freeware archive utility written by H. Yoshizaki, LHA (originally known as LHarc), while the .lzh extension was the one initially used by LHA to denote its compressed files. Both .lha and .lzh refer to the same archive file format and are interchangeable.

An .lha file is a compressed archive in the LZH format. The practice of using the .lha extension is more recent and has to do with the Amiga computer platform, on which .lha archives are mainly known as Amiga MOD (tracker) music archives. The LHA/LZH format is adopted by most Amiga-related sites and MOD portals on the Internet.

One common issue with .lha (.lzh) archives, affecting extraction of data on a PC, is related to 'hidden' files and reverse Amiga-style extensions. Still quite popular in Japan, the LHA/LZH archive format is generally well supported on a range of platforms and operating systems, and .lha (.lzh) files can be properly handled by most of the currently available archive managers.

Software to open or convert LHA files

You can open LHA files with the following programs:
WinRAR by win.rar GmbH
WinZip by WinZip Computing, S.L.

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