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What is the .MGB file type?

The primary association of the .mgb filename extension belongs to the Band-In-A-Box Song (.mbg) file type. Band-In-A-Box (BIAB) is a paid music notation, arrangement, and auto-accompaniment software for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X from PG Music Inc. To save its musical compositions (songs), BIAB uses several proprietary file formats (.mgu, .mgb, .mgx). One of these formats, used by earlier versions of BIAB, is denoted by the .mgb extension. All recent BIAB versions use the newer .mgu format by default.

The .mgb file contains a complete BIAB song, with lyrics (if present), multi-channel instrument assignments, note sequences, and accompaniment/style settings. Such files can be opened in BIAB only. Once loaded, any .mgb (or .mgu) song can be exported as an audio file (.mp3, .m4a) or a standard MIDI sequence (.mid). Both free and commercial libraries of BIAB songs in different formats, including .mgb, exist on the Internet.

WISO Mein Geld (WISO My Money), a commercial German-language financial accounting application from Buhl Data Service GmbH (Microsoft Windows), uses the .mgb extension in association with its WISO Mein Geld Full Backup (.mgb) file type/format. A full backup (.mgb) covers the user's database along with its digital safe, all existing HBCI/FinTS Internet banking settings, and any attached documents (if present). Created with the "Extras – Datensicherung" command and saved in an arbitrary location, such full backups (.mgb) serve to safeguard financial data against accidental corruption, or to transfer it to another copy of WISO Mein Geld.

Additionally, the .mgb extension is associated with the Paragon5 Gameboy Tracker Module (.mgb) file type/format developed by the authors of the Paragon5 Gameboy Tracker software (Andrew Lemon et al.). The .mgb file represents a tracker music module intended for the legacy Nintendo Gameboy (Gameboy Color) portable gaming devices. In a single file, it combines the Gameboy executable code (player) and the music data. Via plugins, such Gameboy tracker modules (.mgb) can be played by several media players.

Software to open or convert MGB files

You can open MGB files with the following programs:
WISO Mein Geld 365 Professional
WISO Mein Geld 365 Professional by Buhl Data Service GmbH
WISO Mein Geld
WISO Mein Geld by Buhl Data Service GmbH
WISO Haushaltsbuch
WISO Haushaltsbuch by Buhl Data Service GmbH
Band-in-a-Box by PG Music Inc.

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