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What is the .SME file type?

Primarily, the .sme extension belongs to the Samsung Kies Message Archive (SME) file format and type. Samsung is a well-established producer of mobile communication devices (mobile phones, smart phones, tablets), and Samsung Kies is an end-user application by Samsung to handle link-up of mobile devices to computers, and their synchronization.

SME is a proprietary binary format used by Samsung Kies to save archives of short text (SMS) messages and memos to .sme files on a computer. Messages from an .sme archive can be viewed in Samsung Kies, as well as imported back into a Samsung mobile device supported by the Kies application.

SME message archives can be opened with Samsung Kies only. For wider compatibility, messages can also be exported and saved in the standard vMessage (VMG) format.

Differently, the .sme extension is also used by SmartEncryptor, a freeware data encryption tool by Smart Soft for MS Windows, to denote its encrypted archive files (.sme). An .sme file is a compressed, encrypted (Blowfish, AES) archive that can be opened with SmartEncryptor only, provided that a correct password is known.

Apart from that, the .sme extension also relates to the Modelica Simulation (SME) file type/format. The SME format was developed by Wolfram Research, Inc. to store Modelica simulation data. An .sme file is an experiment model project. SME files are often referred to as 'experiment files' created or used with the Wolfram SystemModeler Simulation Center.

Software to open or convert SME files

You can open SME files with the following programs:
Samsung Kies3
Samsung Kies3 by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Wolfram SystemModeler
Wolfram SystemModeler by Wolfram Research, Inc.
Samsung Kies
Samsung Kies by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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