VOB File Extension

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What is the .VOB file type?

The .vob filename extension stands for 'DVD Video Object' and is the standard extension for Digital Video Disk (DVD) video files stored within the mandatory DVD directory structure. DVD is an international standard, and a DVD-compliant optical video disk must have all its payload video/audio packaged into .vob files inside the VIDEO_TS directory at the disk's root.

VOB is a container format for multiplexed video and audio streams, and a standard .vob file contains an MPEG-2 video track (720x576, 25 fps) along with an 'MPEG-1 Audio, Layer 2' audio track.

VOB files are main data carriers in a DVD disk, and each .vob usually corresponds to a DVD chapter. VBO files can be accompanied with .ifo and .bup files that contain playback-related metadata. A VOB container file can hold more than one video/audio track as well as several versions of subtitles, which is used in multi-language DVD's.

In protected DVD's, VOB files can be encrypted with CSS (Content Scrambling System), in which decryption is based upon the area code. VOB's can be played back individually with most software/hardware media players.

Software to open or convert VOB files

You can open VOB files with the following programs:
Movienizer by Movienizer.com
VLC media player
VLC media player by VideoLAN
CyberLink PowerDVD
CyberLink PowerDVD by CyberLink Corp.
CyberLink Power Media Player
CyberLink Power Media Player by CyberLink Corp.

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