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What is the .SCP file type?

A short for 'Script,' the .scp filename extension has its primary association with the Microsoft Remote Access Service (RAS) Script (.scp) file type. RAS refers to a set of system services and utilities that support PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) and SLIP (Serial Line IP) connectivity in several Microsoft Windows OS'es. To automate the initial connection and authentication phases, RAS allows to use dial-up scripts (.scp). The .scp extension, instead of the earlier .inf, is used since Windows 2000.

A dial-up RAS script is represented by a single .scp file. It is a regular text file that lists a series of instructions that provide user credentials in response to PPP/SLIP server prompts. Any .scp file can be opened and modified in a text editor, and sample scripts (e.g., "pppmenu.scp") with detailed comments on the syntax are provided in the "%SystemRoot%\system32\ras" directory.

As an acronym for 'SuperCard Pro,' the .scp extension represents the SuperCard Pro Flux Disk Image (.scp) format and file type. SuperCard Pro is the name of a hardware interface device designed by J.Drew as an all-purpose legacy diskette copier/imager. The .scp file is a verbatim, flux-level dump of a floppy disk, including any copy protection features that may be present. SCP is a universal, low-level format that requires additional high-level data processing. Thanks to the released file format specifications, SCP image files are supported by several emulators (Atari, Commodore, Amiga, etc.) and floppy-disk tools.

Besides, the .scp extension represents the SQL Compare Project (.scp) file type/format. SQL Compare from Red Gate Software is an advanced commercial tool for comparing Microsoft SQL Server databases on Microsoft Windows. For every instance of database comparison with SQL Compare, a project (.scp) file is created that stores DB locations, objects selected, and other settings.

In the area of corporate networking, the .scp extension occurs in relation to text-based script files used on the AR700 Series industrial routers from Allied Telesis, Inc. AR700 routers use .scp scripts to program various automated response or trigger actions that should be performed on the router side during normal operation. Boot-time AR700 scripts receive the .cfg extension instead.

DVD Reauthor Pro, a paid Microsoft Windows DVD re-authoring program from DVDLogic Software, uses the .scp extension for its DVD summary script files. An .scp summary script (.scp) is a text file that contains DVD content processing instructions. SCP scripts generated by DVD Reauthor can be imported in Sonic Scenarist or merged with the Script Merger tool.

Within a Slackware-based multimedia authoring framework called Slackermedia, the .scp extension is suggested as a shortcut for Screenwriter.el screenplay (.scp) files authored in Emacs in the screenwriter-mode. Such an .scp file is a regular text file.

Software to open or convert SCP files

You can open SCP files with the following programs:
Adobe Audition
Adobe Audition by Adobe Systems
PSPad editor
PSPad editor by Jan Fiala
EditPad Lite
EditPad Lite by Just Great Software
Flip PDF Professional
Flip PDF Professional by FlipBuilder Solution

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