XLTX File Extension

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What is the .XLTX file type?

The filename extension .xltx represents the Microsoft Excel Template (.xltx) file type/format. The XLTX format belongs to the Office Open XML (OOXML) family of office document formats developed by Microsoft and introduced with Microsoft Office 2007. OOXML is the default in all Microsoft Office releases since 2007.

An .xltx file is a Microsoft Excel template. The purpose of templates (.xltx) in Excel is to provide a means of applying the same formatting across a series of documents (workbooks). Like any other OOXML document, the .xltx file is a ZIP archive with a directory tree inside. It can be directly opened with almost any archiver.

Normally, user Excel templates (.xltx) are saved into the "%UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates" folder (Windows 7). The special templates "Book.xltx" and "Sheet.xltx" placed in the "%UserProfile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Excel\XLStart" folder are automatically applied to every new Excel document, defining both workbook and sheet styles.

XLTX templates can be imported into several other spreadsheet applications, besides Microsoft Excel.

Software to open or convert XLTX files

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