SFK File Extension

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What is the .SFK file type?

The .sfk file type and extension are both associated with temporary files created by Sony software products such as ACID, Vegas, SoundForge etc. SFK is basically a metadata representation of waveform peaks in an audio file to significantly speed up access to the latter.

SFK files are created in the process of work on a project, but they do not contain any actual waveform or other media-format data - only metadata. An .sfk file is normally created in the same folder with the audio file.

Most programs that use .sfk files have an option to delete them after the project is closed, but this option is disabled by default so the files are often left behind. If erased, .sfk files would normally be re-created by the software once the project is opened.

Too many .sfk files left over in source-file folders may become a performance issue, so general advice is to delete them once the project is complete. But deleting SFK files every time you close your project would force the software to re-create them again when the project is opened, wasting time and resources.

Software to open or convert SFK files

You can open SFK files with the following programs: 

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