MSMX File Extension

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What is the .MSMX file type?

The name of the file type denoted by the .msmx filename extension is Multisim Touch File (.msmx). This file type is associated with Multisim, National Instruments' (NI) commercial circuit design and electronic device simulation product, currently available in both desktop and web versions. Built on the open SPICE (Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis) core, NI Multisim provides a complete graphic environment for designing electronic devices and simulating their operation in real time.

Multisim Touch is the name of a dedicated mobile version of Multisim that was released in 2014 specifically for Apple iOS, to be discontinued in 2016 in favor of the more universal web-based Multisim Live. An .msmx file is an circuit design or simulation project created in Multisim Touch on an iOS device. To preserve compatibility with the legacy Multisim Touch software, direct import of Multisim Touch (.msmx) files is supported in all Student and Education versions of Multisim released in or after 2014.


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