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What is the .SVI file type?

The filename extension .svi primarily represents the Samsung Video (.svi) file type usually associated with the Samsung Media Studio. SVI is Samsung's proprietary modification of the standard AVI multimedia container, specially designed to accommodate a range of portable multimedia players made by Samsung (e.g., Samsung YP-T7F, Samsung YP-P2, or others). An .svi file is a Samsung video file, specially intended for Samsung portable multimedia players. Technically, it is a downgraded version of an AVI video file (video: 208×176 at 15 FPS; audio: MP3 44.1 kHz, 128 kbps) saved in a SVI container with a special custom header. Such .svi videos are automatically created when using the official Samsung Media Studio software to transfer existing video files in any of the supported formats to a Samsung player device. On a PC, .svi videos can be played back by several power multimedia players, some of which are even capable of creating .svi files by transcoding existing media, although full compatibility is not guaranteed.

The .svi extension is also known to have been associated with the SoftPerfect RAM Disk Image (.svi, .img) file type that belongs to RAM Disk, a paid utility from SoftPerfect to create and manage high-speed RAM-based virtual disk drives. RAM Disk functions by creating image files, with a certain amount of physical memory bound to each file. An .svi file would be such an image created in an earlier (pre-2014) version of RAM Disk. To use .svi image files with the later versions of RAM Disk, it is sufficient to manually change the extension from .svi to .img, as the internal format remained the same.

Software to open or convert SVI files

You can open SVI files with the following programs:
GOM Player
GOM Player by Gretech Corporation
GOM Player
GOM Player by GOM & Company
Stereoscopic Player

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